CBSegroup located in BayArea-SanFrancisco Few miles North of Silicon Valley

CBSegroup, a North America affiliate of #DotConnectAfricagroup, participated in the prestigious RSA Conference (RSAC 2023) annual cyber security conference, a four-day event held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California.

The conference, which is the world’s leading cybersecurity event, attracts thousands of industry experts and thought leaders from around the globe to share knowledge, network, and discuss the latest trends in cybersecurity. Both in person and online, RSAC brings the cybersecurity industry together and empowers the collective “we” to stand against cyber threats around the world. We participated in the lecture-style presentations covering a broad range of topics delivered by RSAC experts and engaged in insightful conversations with other cybersecurity experts from around the world.

Speaking about the conference, our CEO said, “Great to be back at the RSAC this year. This industry is the most critical at this juncture in the growth of the internet. With so many innovations, we have to catch up on threat intelligence. AI was the buzz – how it is Making Attackers Smarter, Faster, and More Dangerous. I ran into my old #IDN friends at their boot, now running #BrandShield, telling you to protect your brand from phishing attacks. – amazing product. I was invited to a VIP dinner with drinks and hors d’oeuvres by #Lumos and #Banyan Security doing great stuff on Digital Trust, and of course, another excitement thereafter was at the SF #Metrion city view with a supercharged #SantinelOne, #RSAC, and #FOMO VIP Party! Always an amazing experience. Thank you all for the opportunity. Sophia Bekele, CISA, CGEIT, and CCS.

Our participation in the RSA Conference underscores our company’s commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest developments in the field of cybersecurity and providing innovative and effective solutions our its clients. With its extensive experience in the African market and its dedication to providing cutting-edge technology solutions, we are well-positioned to continue leading the way in cybersecurity solutions in Africa and beyond.
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