Our strategic Alliance and Partners

Our strategic Alliance and Partners are designed to help deliver a customer-centric, total solutions approach to solving problems, dealing with rising challenges, exploiting business opportunities, and creating sustainable competitive advantage for our clients.

This shared commitment to deliver solutions and services encompassing products, applications, systems integration and best practices, will help make our customers successful as globally networked organizations in the new economy

 "CBSIntl and its people spend enormous amount of time and resources jetting from country to country, spending time with the right people, shaping economic policy, improving national business climates,  developing communities, as well as the strategy of individual firms – It is not always a glamorous affair by any standard".        
—Sophia Bekele CEO, Cbsegroup 


  • P.O. Box 303
  • California,USA, 94596
  • Alpine Park, 1700 Botehlo Drive
  • email: info[at]


  • P.O Box 39466-00623
  • CIC Plaza, Ground floor
  • Mara Road Upper Hill,
  • Nairobi. Kenya


  • P.O. Box 5992 Old Airport,
  • Bekele Eshete Towers
  • Addis Abba, Ethiopia,
  • email: sbcnet[at]