We offer variety of consulting packages that work with most environments, we can also customize to specific requirements that can easily and quickly be implemented.

We provide a full suite of network planning, integration, and implementation services. Our Solutions Integrators are companies that provide custom solutions through their own unique value-added services and expertise.

In 2000 we entered the solutions integration business. We selected the best partners in the industry with over thirty years of experience.

The worst thing one could do is put technology out there  that can not be managed .”
                    — Sophia Bekele, CEO, CBS International



CBS International understands that it is important to provide customized knowledge in the client’s own industry.

Through its local and international alliance and partnerships, bundled together with years of experience CBS International is able to bring top-line service to the various industry groups.

         “Our ultimate goal is to understand, serve, and satisfy our Customers in their need for the right Computer and Communications technology.” 
                                                    — Consulting team