Information and communication technologies (ICT) are rapidly changing global production, work and business methods and trade and consumption patterns in and between enterprises and consumers.

ICT enables a radical change in structures of organisations and means of learning, researching, developing, producing, marketing, distributing and servicing digital and traditional goods and services. It also has a great potential to enhance the quality of life.

CBS International majors also in core ICT and Telecom public policy assistance to our clients.  This is an important part of day to day development of the general Internet scope globally and some of our work in these area included:

  • Internet Governance  global public policy work at ICANN, New GTLDs and IDN policy development.
  • Telecom and ICT policy in global public policy development organizations such as UN agencies  to include UNECA, UNGAD, UNPAN, ITU etc.. as well as selected African Telecom sectors.