Events Calendar

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Events Calendar

San Francisco, CA: 9-10 February 2011:  CBS International to attend the dot.nxt domain conference in SF.

Atlanta Georgia: 24-28 Sept 2010:  CBS International is to attend the 2010 Leon Sullivan Foundation Summit in Atlanta Georgia, USA.

Washington DC: 13-23 Sept 2010: The leadership of CBS International was invited as one of  Africa’s Business Champions during the Black Caucus week.

Nairobi Kenya: 28 Feb 2010:  CEO of CBS International invited by AITEC Nairobi to speak on flagship company project “dotafrica”.

Geneva, Switzerland: May 18-22, 2009  The World Summit for Information Society (WSIS) wll be co-hosted by ITU, UNESCO, UNCTAD  and UNDP.  Ms. Sophia Bekele, CEO of CBS International will be one of the guests invited at the high-level panels to discuss public private partnership (PPPs) and e-government towards a better Public Service Delivery and Implementation of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) more..

Palo Alto, Ca 25 April 2009: “I don’t know to CEO” conference will be hosted by Stanford Women in Business (SWIB).  Sophia Bekele, will be amongst the  featured CEOs to be a panelist  at  the conference more..

Alamo, 15 March 2009:  Sophia Bekele will speak on the Water Crisis in Africa and work of CBS International in the Global Village at Alamo Rotary.

Sacramento,  12 March 2009:  The African Leadership Council is presenting an Economic Forum: “Crisis & Opportunities”, looking for answers in tough times, at UC Sacramento on April 11, 2009. Ms. Bekele, CEO of CBS International is invited to address the Sacramento community on the Economic Crisis more..

San Francisco,  February 2009:
Sophia meets with President of Golden Gate University, Dr.Dan Angel, at the  GGU’s Alumni Board of Directors meeting more..

San Francisco, 10 March 2009: At a gathering in Golden Gate University, CEO of CBS International is invited to speak on the issues of Internet Governance & the Policy Divide more..

San Francisco, 15 December 2008: South Africa Shares its success stories – Says we are working with other African countries to enable the same!   CEO CBS International with His Excellency Welile A. W. Nhlapo, from South Africa Embassy, Washington DC

Egypt, Cairo  2-7 Nov 2008:  CBS International and its affiliates attended the Cairo meeting of ICANN.   On behalf of Africa, Cairo welcomed back the ICANN community on the ICANN’s 10th anniversary, to host its 33rd International Public Meeting and its annual meeting for 2008. more..

San Francisco, 15-17 Sept 2008: IT Security World – MIS Training Institute – CBS Intl attending.  more..

Paris, France 22-26 June 2008:   CBS International was present at the 32nd International Public ICANN Meeting | The meeting was opened by the Eric Besson, France’s Minister of State for forward planning, assessment of public policies, and development of the digital economy.  1,672 people participated from 166 different countries, making this ICANN’s biggest ever meeting. The participants engaged in a wide range of discussions about the Internet’s domain name system and related issues…more.   At the same time, CEO of CBS announced the project at the Public forum, an initiative led by a nonprofilt organization.

Mountain View: 23 April 2008: CEO of CBS Intl on an exclusive tour of HQ of Google Corp  hosted by famous Dr. Vint Cerf, one the founders of internet and former Chairman of ICANN.

SanFrancisco: 18- 22 April 2008, Domain Roundtable Conference..more

SanFrancisco: 22-25 April 2008, Web 2.0 Expo..more

San Francisco:  RSA Conference  7-11 April 2008: New Keynote Speaker Announced – Former Vice President and Nobel Laureate, Al Gore.  

Silicon Valley:    29 Jan 2008 – The Second Annual WebGuild Web 2.0 Conference & Expo… CBS International attending…more

Washington DC:   3 Dec 2007 World Bank Vice President for the Africa Region Obiageli Ezekwesili addresses audience members of the African diaspora.
Under the event the World Bank organized with African Union, CBS International was present to share its experience to the efforts of the joint agenda to mobilize the African diaspora towards contribution to the African continent! ..more 

Advisors to ICANN, and appointed under Vint Cerf’s chairmanship, who is credited as one of the inventors of the internet, the principals of CBS International were present in Los Angeles to give salute to the outgoing Chairman of ICANN, Dr.  Vint Cerf, and to welcome the incoming Chairman Mr. Peter Dengate Thrush… more 

Washington DC: 23 Nov 2007 – CEO, CBS International meets the newly appointed  African Union Ambassador to the United States, H.E.Amina Salum Ali, at the African Union mission, Washington DC.

Kigali, Rwanda:  29 Nov 2007 – As part of ITU delegation and participant, CBS International presented its flagship project-CIIN  at the Connet Africa Head of State summit..more on the news…
Follow the project                      Right: Sophia with Dr. Hamdoun Toure, Sec Gen of ITU

Mountain View  California:  Feb  2007 – UN Meets Silicon Valley:  CBS International was part of the landmark event at Intel’s computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA, where participants of silicon valley executives and CEO gathered , as the ITU, a UN body took its campaign to seeks ICT partnership with the aim of cementing ties with the private sector and promoting the use of ICT to bride the digital divide across the world.

New York:  May 2005 – CBS International invited to attend the Rotary Club in New York city…more

Berlin, Germany:   June 2005 CBS International was invited as a delegate to the Seventh Meeting of the UN ICT Task Force Promoting Enabling Environment for Digital Development held in Berlin..more

Vienna, Austria: Feb 2005 – CEO of CBS International invited as one of the delegate to share her experiences on the topic of “Developing Peace Partnership for Africa” hosted by the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, and the Austrian Ministry of Foreign …more

Mountain View  California:  Feb  2007 – UN Meets Silicon Valley:  CBS International was part of the landmark event at Intel’s computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA, where  participants of silicon valley executives and CEO gathered , as the ITU, a UN body took its campaign to seeks ICT partnership with the aim of cementing ties with the private sector and promoting the use of ICT to bride the digital divide across the world.

Orlando, Florida:  Nov 2004 –CBS International participating at the Florida National Corporate Director’s Conference on Corporate Governance for Board of Directors. more

Addis Ababa:   Oct 2002 – SbCnet, SbCommunications Network Plc. representative of CBS International in Ethiopia, has won the Contract offered by the Parliament of The People’s Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.  It has been a lengthy and enduring journey for the participants in this contract bid, that involved the private, public and government sectors into an intriguing development. Find out about the controversy and what transpired in the process to win this award, more about this, as lead story on fortune  here…

Mozambique:  March 2002   SbCnet, the African operating arm of CBS International was invited to present its project experiences at 5TH AFRICAN TELECOM SUMMIT (MAPUTO), which was co-hosted by the Ministerio Dos Transporte e Communicacoes of Mozambique. The Summit focused on “Technologies, Networks and Applications for Least Cost Access with global Telco/IT vendors, i.e CISCO, Vocal Tec, Alcatel, Siemans, participating and/or sharing their experiences with VOIP…more.

Addis Ababa:  June 2001 –  A successful completion!  CBS International announced that through its arm SBCommunications Network(SbCnet), has successfully completed the deployment of the sophisticated Fiber-Optic based strategic integrated information technology network infrastructure for The AU Campus. The CEO of CBS International and founder of SbCnet confirmed.

New York: June 2002 President/CEO of CBS International was invited as a panelist for the event organized by the United Nations General Assembly, a meeting devoted to information and communication technologies for development. According to the relevant resolution of the General Assembly (56/258), the meeting addressed the digital divide in the context of globalization and the development process and promote coherence and synergies between various regional and international information and communication technologies initiatives.
-Summaries-Press Center-UN LIVE WEBCAST

Addis Ababa:  Jan 2002 – CBS International is honored to take on the task of providing Web hosting solution for the Ethiopian Tourism site brings people and culture together. The traveler interested in adventure in nature and environment, without compromising comfort, should look to this site for information.

San Francisco:  March 2002 – CBS International was represented by its delegates at North American Summit on Africa held during the summer, in northern California.  The focal point of the discussion was trade and commerce between the Countries in Africa and the United States.  more…

CA – We are adding an Editorial feature to our site.  In an attempt to provide information on issues relating to what is happening in the progress of Technology in developing countries and challenges that are directly influencing the outcome of achieving such goal, we will post editorials and articles of in-depth analysis as we receive them.

Kuala Lampur:  March 2000 – CBS International representing the private sector of information technology, was selected to attend and participate on the Second Global Knowledge Conference hosted by the Malaysian Government and the Global Knowledge Partnership (GKP) which is being held in Kuala Lumpur from 7-10 March. More than a thousand people, from 120 countries, representing the public and private sectors are meeting to hammer out strategies that will put the information and knowledge in the hands of developing countries and the world’s poor.

South Africa:   CBS International participated in one of the Mobile Technology conventions held in South Africa, early in November 2002. This function was organized by ITU (International Telecommunications Unit) and the development branch of the United Nations.

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