CBSegroup located in BayArea-SanFrancisco Few miles North of Silicon Valley


CBSegroup consults Private, Governments and international organizations in the fields of development, governance and long-term strategic planning. Additionally, our people has been advising in corporate development/communications programs as well as Corporate Governance for various start-ups and OTC within the US and international Clients.

CBSegroup plays a pivotal role in building, guiding, and directing the overall future of the private/public sector in a collaborative fashion with members of Executive and Senior management and high level Public Authorities to identify, define and evaluate key strategic issues and develop appropriate policy and remediation guidelines to mitigate exposures.


  • Network design and implementation


“I don’t know to CEO” conference hosted by Stanford Women In Business conference (SWIB) .
“View From The Top: Changing the Face of Technology 
Featuring people that have made great impact!
Each of the outstanding panelists has changed the way we think about the Internet and beyond. With its revolutionary technology, Pandora has taken music by storm; YouTube has altered online video and sharing all around the world; Friendfeed is transforming how we learn from our friends’ online discoveries; Gmail and Adsense shattered old conceptions of email and online advertising; Shmoop is putting education on a whole new platform; Yahoo! brought the Internet into the hands of the average Joe; and CBS International brings powerful advanced information technology to the developing world, with long-standing initiatives to bring the internet to Africa.

How does one little start-up end up improving so many millions of lives? What makes these people passionate about what they do? Learn how you can be one of these people whose lives affect the face of technology”… More
— Stanford Women In Business, April 2009