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With the inspiring Cover Story in the influential US-based CIO Views , Sophia Bekele: An Influential & Fearless Trailblazer in Technology Leading Business on Her Own Terms. CBSegroup congratulates our Founder and Group CEO, Sophia Bekele, for gracing the cover story of the influential US-based CIO Views for their special IWD23 edition. Read her new tech innovation and inspiring journey. Today, we celebrate Sophia for pioneering the women-in-tech space in Africa over a decade ago by launching the successful Miss.Africa Digital, aka FemPower program dedicated to empowering women and girls through digital education and financial assistance. Sophia’s successful journey was also featured on the cover of the US-based Success Pitchers magazine in January 2023 for their special New Year’s edition naming her 10 Most Powerful Women to Follow in 2023.
Happy International Women's Day 2023!
Engage. Inspire. Empower.
#EmbraceEquality #EmpowerHer #DigiAll
Read her new tech innovation and inspiring journey. click here for the digital version.
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CBSegroup proudly congratulates our Founder and CEO, also of Africa-Based DotConnectAfrica Group for being name on "The 10 Most Powerful Women Leaders in Business to Follow, 2023" .

Happy New Year , 2023! A great start. I want to thank the editorial team of Success Pitchers, for this recognition :trophy: "The 10 Most Powerful Women Leaders in Business to Follow, 2023" :trophy: and a cover feature and spread; and being part of my story. This piece has helped me reflect on the #extraordinary experiences and choices that shaped the person I am today from the early days of my life and #career. The world needs strong women. Women who will lift and build others, women who live bravely, both tender and fierce. Each time a woman stands up for herself, she stands up for all women, so I am grateful. :pray: #Kudos to the women that exemplify such in this edition.:+1: As Mark Twain would say, "The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why." Thus, my SLANT for this piece is - Stay the course, always prepare for opportunities – you dont know when luck might cross it, make a difference along the way, always do the right thing, never give up on your dreams or goals, if you fail, try again, and finally, continue to live the moment – you do you! I am #grateful for the countless #people that have been there for me on my ride and the many more now. Every drop in the ocean counts, and you have helped me sail in the storm. My story continues…:writing_hand::v:Read the full article:.

CBSegroup representing DotConnectAfrica attended the SF ISACA Annual General Meeting, Half Day AI Conference, and Social. Jul 27, 2023 San Francisco, CA..

The AI presentations, the panel discussions and Q&A from participants provided us with an amazing discussion opportunities, particularly from risk and control perpective.  We also got a glimpse of the status of the global regulatory environment on AI which was really insightful.We heard from established houses such as #deloitte #google as well as other AI startups and businesses who shared their perspective on how AI can be used to accelerate business transformation as well as how to mitigate the risks.There was ample opportunity to network and enjoy great appetizers and cocktails  afterwords at the #citiclubsanfrancisco enjoying the breathtaking view and the  #Art Deco setting. Run into collagues that I worked with in my those thrilling security days of yesteryears as well as made new friends.Thanks for a invite, #Isacasf always educational and great networking.

#CBSegroup and its team, a North America affiliate of #DotConnectAfricagroup participated in Web3 & Crypto Day at AWS Startup Loft San Francisco one day event.

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The event was all about community building and learning about what Web3 & Crypto companies are building and how their work is changing the world. It explored Gaming, DeFi, NFT, and L1/L2 Blockchain technologies with customer, partner, and community round-table discussions. We learned about the work AWS is doing to support the emerging Web3 industry and from customers, partners, and community members who are operationalizing the products and services.
We also heard from Startup operators, AWS experts, Web3 investors, and technology partners on services, solutions, and architectures related to Blockchain, Digital Assets, Web3, Crypto, Gaming, DeFi, and Metaverse.
“We enjoyed a great day-long session with different speakers including security over these new and emerging technologies. Also, the VIP happy hour was superb!” said Sophia Bekele.
#CBSEGroup #DotConnectAfrica #AWS #Blockchain #Digital Assets #Web3 #Crypto #Gaming #DeFi #Metaverse #team #Technology #Learning #Knowledge #Leadership #dcaacademy #team

#CBSegroup a North America affiliate of #DotConnectAfricagroup participated in the RSA annual cyber security conference a four-day event!

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JUNE  18

It is the world’s leading information security conference and exposition which was held at The Moscone Center in San Francisco. We were able to hear from RSA experts, customers, and partners, and to also discuss current and future concerns and have access to the experts, unbiased content, and ideas that help enable individuals and companies to advance their cybersecurity posture and build stronger and smarter teams. Both in-person and online, RSAC brings the cybersecurity industry together and empowers the collective “we” to stand against cyberthreats around the world. The event had Lecture-style presentations covering a broad range of topics delivered by RSAC experts, builders, customers, and partners. The Experts lead us through problems and solutions on a digital
"Always happy to be part of the SWAT team that plays a role in catching the bad guys or helping the good guys that is the role of cyber security and always be proud and privileged to be part of this amazing industry of professionals. It has come a long way into such a huge and relevant industry. Amazing, technology I saw this week and I managed to meet my long-time friends also along with others. Thanks, RSAC for the invite and fantastic Expo". _ Sophia Bekele
It was such an amazing experience. Thank you for the opportunity.
#SFRSACconference #RSAC2022 #cybersecurity #robots #Technology #Learning #Knowledge #Leadership #CBSegroup #dotconnectafrica #dcaacademy

#CBSegroup and its team, a North America affiliate of #DotConnectAfricagroup attended AWS Summit San Francisco two-day event!

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We were able to hear from AWS experts, customers, and partners on how to leverage cloud computing technology and learn the technology with interactive content.
The event had Lecture-style presentations covering a broad range of topics delivered by AWS experts, builders, customers, and partners. We also heard directly from AWS customers about their cloud journey. Discovered how customers are innovating, expediting, and scaling real-world solutions.
The Workshops was an interactive learning session where we worked in small teams to solve problems using AWS Cloud services. The Experts lead us through problems and solutions on a digital whiteboard as the discussion unfolds.
It was such an amazing experience. Thank you for the opportunity.
#AWSSummit2022 #Technology #Learning #Knowledge #Leadership #CBSegroup #dotconnectafrica #dcaacademy #team
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CBSegroup proudly congratulates our Founder and CEO, also of Africa-Based DotConnectAfrica Group for being an Honoree of Silicon Valley's Women of Influence (WOI) Award and the CEO Today Africa Awards

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JULY  14

The month of June was full of surprises and celebrations about our Founder and CEO receiving multiple awards for her achievements. Therefore we dedicated this issue of our newsletter to share our excitement with you!.

In accepting these esteemed awards, Sophia told DCA: I was elated with these awards, especially that it was on my Bday month. There is nothing more satisfying than someone somewhere recognizing all the fruits of your labor and leadership and says wow!

So I am grateful for this recognition, also, for all of the supportive people around me globally, including my staff, advisors, Clients, and just friends. They have been there for me as I led my various organizations through challenging times, not only during the Pandemic but also under the incredible 16-year of my Entrepreneurial journey as a female lead in a male-dominated industry and creating value in the ever-changing tech industry.

Real "Influence" carries value-based leadership and "strong and innovative leadership" requires open-mindedness and adaptability. Towards this end, thank you once gain Silicon Valley Journal and CEO Today Magazine for these illustrious awards.

God Bless Everyone!

Above: Sophia Bekele, Women Of Influence acceptance speech - video and advice on her younger self!

Earlier in June, the Silicon Valley Business Journal released a list of 100 Women of Influence, an annual list of area women leaders who are “doing extraordinary things in an extraordinary time”. Among the honorees is Sophia Bekele, CBSegroup
The award ceremony was held virtually on June 30, and we have shared with you below Sophia's video acceptance speech.

The Women of Influence award "recognizes established business leaders who have accomplished specific achievements in the business world in this innovation region --- women with a strong record of innovation in their fields, outstanding performance in their businesses, and a clear track record of meaningful community involvement -- women from every industry and profession who have made a difference in their communities blazed a trail for the rest of us, and are leaving a mark in Silicon Valley.”

Our CEO, Sophia Bekele is just that woman we know and admire that have made new tracks through the many wildernesses.
During an interview with the Editor for the Silicon Valley Business Journal, Sophia talked about how the pandemic changed her outlook on life and work, and her strategy on getting her business back to normal, what she would want to accomplish in next years, and the biggest challenge facing women leaders. She also shared about her hobbies, favorite pop culture, role model, and the best advice she has ever received - that was from her father - "Great lessons are learned when the stakes are high".

Below is the excerpt from the interview. To read the full online version click here:

Commenting on changes from the pandemic - Sophia said “Our digital adaption in all areas of our businesses leapfrogged to five years in a span of a few months. It allowed great opportunities for creative disruption and accelerated a big shift to remote work and virtual meetings. It also forced us into rapid decision-making, with very dynamic talent reallocation.

The workforce and leadership had to be flexible and adaptable and learn new skills, and we had to accommodate that shift as we reimagine the new normal. We changed vertical leadership to lateral by developing shared core values and goals across key areas of our business model, replacing our single corporate mission statement.”

She went on to say That the pandemic was a great accelerant for developing mindful habits from healthy eating, managing mental and physical stress, and financial insecurity.

Asked what strategy she would have to get the business back to normal Sophia said “Reimagination through digitization. After the downturn, we all have an opportunity for a reset for growth for the next normal — both for business and industry.”

Looking forward to her favored accomplishments for next year – “Learn how to make a perfect martini and publish my book on the most amazing journey of my global escapades!”

Sophia noted some good advice she had received - "Sometimes you need to lose yourself to find yourself" from her older sister; and "Great lessons are learned when the stakes are high" from her father.

On female leadership challenges, she explained “That we don’t have a playbook for female leadership, and therefore need to reconstruct it! We were all taught a masculine model of leadership and everyone expects us to use that. Also, how to use our sisterhood to our advantage.”

Sophia signaled out to one woman she admired Madam C.J. Walker — she has carved the path for women entrepreneurs.

Sophia said it may surprise people that she believes her power of deduction is uncanny and gives her superpowers.

She went on to describe a time in her work that gave her pride as the moment how, and when she recognized she had impacted millions of lives across the world with her work in technological, legal, and policy initiatives that set precedents in the Internet and tech industry, plus financially empowering thousands of women in Africa through a seed-fund award program she initiated to increase their digital opportunities in tech-related entrepreneurship, training, and leadership roles.

At a personal level, Sophia described a typical work week – “An intense and focused 27 hours a week. I believe in work-life balance. It gives me the clarity of thinking I need to be creative. At the same time, I enjoy delegating a lot to my staff, as I get the pleasure of building their personal capacity in their various roles.”

Relaxing after work - Yoga, a glass of wine, and Netflix.

Looking back to her first job Sophia indicated it was as a rookie tech auditor at Bank of America, a company she admires and which helped her stand on her own two feet.

Finally, Sophia described some new discoveries during the pandemic - Binge-watching "Narcos" movies on Netflix and learning war strategies, the 2020 U.S. election which has turned to drama, endlessly scrolling on Instagram and TikTok, and inventing my own pop-culture on my lifestyle Instagram account to keep my friends and followers entertained and informed.

2021 CEO Today Features and Honors Sophia Bekele of DotConnectAfrica for her exceptional business leadership and growth.
The CEO Africa Award Winners Edition is dedicated to recognizing strong, innovative, and most successful leaders in Africa,
and the companies they stand behind --
As the nation slowly approaches an exit from more than a year of uncertainly, these individuals
shine as examples of excellence in their respective sectors,
even when faced with unprecedented challenges. - CEO Today

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MAR  8

CBSegroup joins the rest of the world in celebrating women of all races, cultures, religion and statuses during March 2021.

This year, the United Nation’s theme for International Women’s Day of March 8th is “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world.”

Here at DCA, we are excited to celebrate the tremendous efforts by women and girls around the world in shaping an equal future and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as highlighting the gaps that remain by a campaign #shetechscharge for the month of March.

In commemoration of this year’s International women’s day, listen to the insightful message from our Founder Ms. Sophia Bekele, who has pioneered the women-in-tech space in Africa over a decade ago by launching the Miss.Africa Digital program. Currently, we relaunched this program last year as FemPower, dedicated to empowering the women-led Small & Growing Business (SBGs) sector.

To honor this global day, the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women) will host the United Nations Observance of International Women’s Day on March 8, 2021, from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. EST. This virtual celebration will bring together high-level dignitaries and other gender equality advocates as they amplify the voices of women and girls all over the world as well as share thoughts on how to keep placing them at the forefront. To register for this free virtual event, click Here.

 As you are aware?

Our successful 5 year annual Seed Fund Award Impact Program which offers grants to support women and girls in the STEM fields to launch or expand their own initiatives is around the corner.

Click here or on image above to read more on our 5 year accomplishment. This year, in line with our campaign of #SheTechsCharge, we are working to increase capacity and make more impact to more than 12 countries in Africa. The 12 Countries that are beneficiary to our Impact Seed-Award program include: *Kenya, Madagascar, Cameroon, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Zambia, Ghana, Seychelles, Tunisia, Uganda, Gambia, Lesotho* We urge you to be on the lookout as we will soon open our online portal again for the 6th Round.

 Our Founder sends the below text message to all Women and Girls:

  1. Be achievement oriented every day. Success is relative, don’t focus on the destination, make the journey worthwhile.
  2. Speak up when challenged – I have unlearned that silence will not protect you.
  3. Follow your dream and venture outside of your comfort zone. Be open to anything.
  4. Don’t be afraid to fail. Failure is inevitable.
  5. When you build a business or organization, I strongly recommend that it be a PURPOSEFUL, i.e., one that will uniquely serve society.
  6. Have Strength, Purpose, and Resolve in what you do. Most of all, be grateful every day for what you already have!